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Digital-First Leadership Trailer

December 21, 2020
Richard Bliss

Digital-First Leadership, hosted by Richard Bliss, a former Marketing Executive, author of the business book, Digital-First Leadership and founder of BlissPoint Consulting, is for leaders who leverage and build their expertise on digital platforms.

Each episode gives you the tools to set your business up for success online. Richard, and his guests, share ways to develop massive global reach and impact by maximizing the power of the internet to increase your business revenue.

Welcome to Digital-First Leadership, the podcast that focuses on helping leaders and teams understand how to master the language of social media in today's digital-first world. Now here's your host, Richard Bliss.

Richard Bliss:

Hello, I'm Richard Bliss, host of the podcast, Digital First Leadership. My podcast is an in-depth look into mastering the language of social media in the digital age. I'll go over exactly how to set yourself apart, leverage, and build expertise as a leader and utilize digital platforms to experience massive global reach and impact. If you're new to the digital world as a seasoned C-suite executive, a solo entrepreneur, or someone looking to gain an edge in this ever-changing online landscape, this podcast will give you the tools for success. This show is a look into the behaviors that set you apart as a leader, and frankly, what you need to do to stay in the game.

            As your host, I'll bring you many of the world's impactful leaders. I'll also go behind the scenes and break down the strategies that I've used and implemented over the last 20 years. As a former Vice President of Marketing for a variety of tech companies, I've used these strategies to create millions of dollars of value for the organizations I've been part of. Then I took my expertise into the world of crowdfunding, specifically through Kickstarter helped individuals raise millions of dollars for their individual projects. Now more than ever is the time you need to be thinking digital-first, embracing the tools, and mastering the language of the digital age otherwise, you risk getting left behind. In today's world, digital-first leadership means we need to shift our whole thinking about how we represent ourselves online.


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