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Richard Bliss is a subject matter expert and Top Social Selling Trainer on LinkedIn — he was named one of 10 must-follow LinkedIn's Top Voices in Sales and Digital Engagement in 2021.

Richard captivates the audience with the many tips he has on LinkedIn as he guides your team to master the language of social media.


Richard’s presentation will motivate your executives, marketing, and sales teams to work together to post content, maximize marketing material, and identify and connect with specific prospects.

You'll have plenty of opportunities to ask Richard questions so you can take the information you learned and rethink how you're using LinkedIn.


Your Team Will Learn

How to Master the LinkedIn Algorithm

  • How standard social media behavior sabotages LinkedIn sales efforts.
  • Putting into practice the proper means of creating content and sharing marketing material that encourages engagement.
  • Live demonstration of posting content to maximize the LinkedIn algorithm results in more than 500 views in less than 90 minutes on posts created during the training session.

The Power of Commenting

  • How LinkedIn values commenting differently from other Social Media platforms.
  • Strategies to engage and re-engage prospects through commenting.
  • Prescriptive behaviors that see a 10x+ increase in profile views.

The Team Boosting Method

  • Introduction to the coordinated Social Selling activity unique to LinkedIn allows sales teams to coordinate the efforts to lift their engagement and reach 10-100 times more contacts.
  • How to build content specific for your market and region.

Prospect Outreach through LinkedIn

  • How to draw in prospects to reach out and connect with your sales reps first, before they even ask for a connection.
  • The 3 Myths that keep people from being effective on LinkedIn.

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