Everything Is Your Fault

by Lia Bliss


Both the good and bad things in your life, are all your fault

No more excuses. No more blaming your current state on a long and well-kept list of “other” things that caused you to be in this circumstance. Author Lia Bliss teaches you how to embrace that everything is your fault, understand the power that you hold, and enter – Bliss Life.

Once you stop making excuses and start making changes, you’ll see that you’ve always had the power. Bliss Life is whatever you define it as, but most importantly, it’s what ONLY YOU define it as.

In, Everything Is Your Fault: Understanding the 6 Pillars to Unlocking Your Bliss Life, you’ll learn:

  • The 6 Relationships that make up your Bliss Life
  • Journal prompts to foster a relationship with yourself
  • Outline for creating a 2-week commitment calendar that honors your time
  • Tips on removing friction points in your life
  • Why your network is your net worth
  • Specific Manifesting: How to place an order with the universe
  • Co-creating your Bliss Life with a Higher Power
  • How to prune the negative Nancys from your life and build your inner circle and community tribes
  • A winning strategy for entering Bliss Life

Everything is Your Fault Companion Journal

The greatest way to start building a relationship with yourself is to journal. Journaling is one of the most powerful tools we have in creating a Bliss Life. If you don’t know yourself, your wants, needs, fears, and desires, you’ll never know what you truly want. If you don’t know what you want, how can you live a life that fills you with Bliss?

Use this guided journal and the prompts within to discover and create the Bliss Life of your dreams.

About Lia

Lia Bliss is the Director of Strategy at BlissPoint Consulting.

She is an engaging speaker with deep subject expertise in social selling and the day-to-day habits it takes to build success.

Lia's mission is to empower others to live their best "Bliss Life."

Follow her at: www.linkedin.com/in/liabliss and on Instagram: @bestliabliss