Digital-First Leadership

by Richard Bliss


Master Social Media • Build Online Presence • Lead Your Tribe

Today, your online reputation doesn’t follow you—you follow it. In an increasingly virtual world, your digital presence defines who you are even before your physical presence. For business leaders—whether you’re an executive, manager, consultant, or entrepreneur—this reality has created incredible opportunities, of which few leaders have taken advantage. There is no better way to do so than through social media tools and the underappreciated power of LinkedIn.

Digital-First Leadership is chock full of real-life stories, first-hand research, and countless conversations with business leaders from around the world. The principles and lessons will help you position yourself online to seize opportunities and respond to crises, all while increasing your online visibility and your organization’s bottom line.

Customer Testimonails

Digital-First Leadership philosophy is critical to any executive looking to build their online presence. Richard’s fundamental understanding of the nuances of building a personal brand is unmatched. He shares his insights freely and effectively. I highly recommend everyone to take advantage of his unique talent

EMILY MILLER, Vice President of Branding and Influencer Marketing

Digital-First Leadership

LinkedIn Top Voices Influencer and renowned social media coach Richard Bliss provide easy-to-follow, timely lessons on how to do just that.

Though often misconstrued as an online résumé, LinkedIn has become the center of our digital identity. Of all the social media tools, it’s the only one that allows us to do work, a platform from which we can extend our vision and voice, continuously engage with our customers and clients, lead our people, and create lasting results.

Though the content focuses on LinkedIn, the lessons apply to most other major social media tools and include specific suggestions for different platforms. In these pages, learn how to:

  • Understand and overcome the myths and fears of social media.
  • Identify your “big why” and build your personal–professional brand.
  • Develop an authentic voice to participate in online social conversations regularly.
  • Stand out from digital cacophony through honest engagement and powerful storytelling.
  • Set up effective profiles to stake out your virtual real estate and connect with your audience.
  • Work with teams to design a strategic vision and operational guidance.
  • “Sell from the c-suite” and foster a social media, digital-first culture.


Top marketing veteran Richard Bliss wrote this book because he couldn’t find what he wanted—part content writing guide, part handbook on good sportsmanship in content marketing, and all-around reliable desk companion for anyone creating or directing content on behalf of brands.

The book consists of seven chapters:

  • Forget What You Know About Social Media introduces Digital Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World and breaks down the three myths surrounding time, self-Promotion, and relevance.
  • Developing Your Authentic Voice teaches you how to connect with others and build a community around what’s important to us and our organization’s values.
  • Set Yourself Apart and Stand Out from the Crowd incorporates the 3 P’s, Predictability, Persistent, Presence, that help build our audience and lead our community.
  • Learn the Tools covers the complex components of LinkedIn and translating your digital presence to other social media platforms.
  • Tell Powerful Stories shows you how to engage your audience by demonstrating leadership with your unique narrative.
  • Don't Go It Alone (Chapter 6) and Foster a DigitalFirst Culture (Chapter 7) encourage you to build and foster a team with a new business culture focused on our vast digital and online capabilities among today’s realities.

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Customer Testimonails

Richard Bliss continues to lead the industry in helping executives develop their online footprint. His deep understanding of why and how leaders need to engage in today’s environment provides invaluable guidance for establishing an authentic voice for thought leadership in a modern digital world.

HANG BLACK, Vice President Juniper Networks and author of Embrace Your Edge
Customer Testimonails

Richard’s ability to help Executives sell from the C-Suite is unmatched. Having watched him in action for many years, I stand in awe of his ability to delve deep into the mind of the modern leader and reveal to them their true identity in the digital world.

JERRY CHACON, Venture Capital and Private Equity Fund Attorney
Customer Testimonails

Richard’s insight and experience has had a direct impact on both my business and my professional career. As an early evangelist for how today’s executives can master digital communications to drive influence and engagement, Richard has set himself and his company apart from others. He continues to establish new thresholds for enterprise social behaviors. He shares his insights, predicts trends and identifies best practices that help organizations lead and dominate. Richard’s enthusiasm for the success of his client’s is contagious and his commitment and focus on identifying the critical details of success impacts everyone he works with.

GAIL MERCER-MACKAY, CEO Mercer-MacKay Solutions
Customer Testimonails

Everything I learned about Social Media and online presence was taught to me by Richard Bliss. His book takes you through the same process he shared with me. He’s one of the best in the industry.

Customer Testimonails

Richard Bliss’ influence on my social media success was like going from zero to 60 in 5 seconds. His talent, expertise, and ability to see the big picture has made him an invaluable asset to me and my organization.

Customer Testimonails

Richard has a very unique approach to weaving social media into the company’s sales motion. He takes his unique expertise and applies those learnings to the audience he is training. In short, it was terrific and hugely valuable. It was so well received that we offered the training to channel partners and they, too, gained big value. I highly recommend BlissPoint!

BRIAN BAKSTRAN, Vice President Marketing, Veeam
Richard Bliss

About Richard

Richard Bliss is the founder of BlissPoint Consulting, a social media consulting company that helps improve executives’ online communications and sales teams’ social selling behaviors. A LinkedIn Top Voices Influencer, experienced executive communications manager, and social media coach, Richard has helped thousands of people master social media tools and become fluent in social conversations.

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