The Digital Executive

Executives today must have mastery of 21st-century communication tools to be successful at leading 21st-century organizations.

Every day I hear three myths that keep leaders from effectively using social media:

  • 1. No time to be social.* You’re already a busy executive and you believe that social media takes a tremendous amount of time. 
  • 2. Social media is all about self-promotion*. But as a leader, you have been conditioned to think of the team first.  
  • 3. Leaders don’t have anything to contribute socially.* There is so much noise online, and you instinctively feel that you will simply be adding more. 

None of these are true. Each episode of The Digital Executive will help dispel these myths.

I’ll show you how to be successful in the digital world without a massive increase in your time commitment. My guests bring their stories about leading in today’s modern digital world, sharing how they dramatically increase the reach of their organization’s message and brand in addition to their own. 

You will discover how to find your authentic voice so you can share the stories and knowledge that can help you build your own audience, your own brand, and be seen as a thought leader.

Today’s leaders are challenged like never before. Teams are remote and organizations have gone virtual. Leaders today are faced with mastering a set of communication tools and skills that many are not prepared to use.

As one of LinkedIn’s Top Voices, I work with executives and sales teams from all around the world, I help them become more comfortable with social media and more fluent in online conversations.  I help them build their platform and confidence to reach their audience effectively.

My guests come from diverse backgrounds. Some are leaders who have transitioned to the new world of digital leadership. Some are authors and subject matter experts to help explain this new environment. 

Whether you are a seasoned executive or on your way to becoming one, each episode of The Digital Executive is focused on helping you learn how to navigate the new world of digital leadership.

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